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Our podcast feed is now live and you can see details by clicking HERE. Sermons and talks will be delivered to you automatically via iTunes. Subscribe for email notifications by copying this link (right-click and select Copy Link) HERE and adding it as a Subscription in a Feed Account in your email software.

This is the website for Recordings made at Parr Street Church from 2012 onwards, whilst recordings (and series started) prior to 2012 remain available on the old site here.

We present a large range of sermons, free of charge, for you to listen to online or to download as MP3 files for use in your iPod or MP3 player.

Use the Menus to the left to find any sermon you may be interested in, but they are shown in chronological order with the newest series at the top of the lists, but also check the Miscellaneous section in each year for one-off talks and sermons given by visiting or guest speakers.

All of the Bible readings are available for you to follow while you listen. If you click on the reading reference a new window will open, showing the reading in BibleGateway's NIVUK Bible. 

To hear the streamed audio (shown by the symbol on the right) you must have Flash Player installed on your computer. Click here to download and install it free of charge. You can still listen to the sermons without Flash Player by clicking the download buttons but will have to wait a short time.

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